Kinder FC

 Are your kids ready to play soccer???

Kinder FC is fun, educational and has age-appropriate skill, fitness and motor development for children ages 2-7 year old. Children at these ages are not excited by the thought of running drills. However, they are ready to have fun with a soccer ball and learn techniques through stories and games. We use games and stories as a tool to captivate the child’s imagination -that’s how we keep them involved, entertained and focused. Kinder FC partners with soccer clubs and leagues in the North Bay to prepare young children to be future soccer players. Under the tutelage of professional coaches, these Kinder FC kids will bring skill and confidence to their future teams.


“I have four young children of my own and I have played soccer at one of the highest levels in women’s sports.  These experiences have helped me create age appropriate sessions that will help your child develop skills and coordination to be their BEST. Through exciting games that mimic soccer movements and scrimmages, I focus on teaching foot coordination and comfort with the ball at their feet. It’s never too early to start playing soccer and my fun, professional training will help them excel when they are ready to start on a team of their own.”         Coach Elizabeth Lead Trainer


Crawl. Walk. Soccer!
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A soccer program that uses games and stories as a tool to captivate the child’s imagination and introduce age appropriate skill and motor development.